• Admission Timeline

      • 10 June to 17 June
        • Step 01

          Step 03

          • Read the general rules and regulation of students and parents before filling the application form.
          • Make sure all the required information are filled correctly before submitting the form.
          • If you agree to abide by our rules and regulations, Click here to apply
          • You will recieve an email soon after the application subission. Please follow the instructions in the email. You will get a form code which can be used to view and edit the form at a later date (if neccessary). 
      • 01 July to 08 July
        • Step 02

          Step 02

          • You will recieve an email with official confirmation/rejection with further instructions on how to get ready for the new academic year.
          • Your email submitted during the application becomes your official email with the school. So be alert on emails from the school
          • Student and parents will be added to the official portal of GNAEC at this point of the application processing. 
          • Hence all parents are requested to install our mobile application (EDUPAGE) into a smart device/mobile phone/tablet etc...Edupage login details will be found in the confirmation email 
      • 05 July - 20 July
        • Step 03

          Step 03

          • Training parents to the school portal and Edupage mobile application
          • Resolving tablet issues/technical issues for students
          • Attending individual cases (If any delays/issues). Will be contacted over phone.
      • 1.1.2001
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