• About Us

      • GN Atoll education center was established on April 20, 1982, with only 3 classrooms, a hall with the size of 4 classrooms, an office consisting of a storeroom and a house to accommodate the headmaster. Located in the middle of the only island in Gn Atoll, Fuvahmulah, the school opened its doors with 129 students, a headmaster, a clerk, 4 teachers and 2 support staffs. The school at that juncture was exclusively engaged in Dhivehi medium subjects and only provided the opportunity to study in the primary grades; 1-5. Since its commencement, the school’s dynamic educational environment has continued to evolve.

        1985 was marked as an important year for the school as the opportunity to study in middle school (grade 6 and 7) was introduced. In the same year, the school was transformed to an English medium school in order to prepare students for Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination which was at that time, the highest ranked examination conducted in the Maldives.

        In 1990, Gn Atoll Education Center was granted the authorisation to offer the Secondary Grades, 8, 9 and 10, becoming the first school in Gn Atoll to offer Secondary Education. This expansion was the outcome of unremitting effort by students and phenomenal success they achieved in JSC examination for five consecutive years. Later in 1997, three streams, Science, Commerce and Arts, was introduced.

      • With the continuous progress and development, 2004 was marked as a revolutionary year due to commencement of A Level (Grade 11 and 12) in the school. Meanwhile, the opportunity to study in two different streams, Science and Business, was also introduced.

        Later in 2014, BTEC stream was introduced to provide hands-on qualifications grounded in the real world of work which can help open more opportunities for the students in the future. In 2017, BTEC A Level was started with total 6 students which was identified as another vital progress in the school’s history.

        In 2019, the school started implementing the key stages 3 and 4 as guided in the National Curriculum. The school has continued to grow and enrollment is currently at 343 students. Over the years, the students have continued to achieve national level success in O’Level and A’Level Examinations. This was a remarkable year in the recent history of the school. 15 students secured different places at Cambridge O level and IGCSE national top ten awards. 

        2020 began with new hopes, high expectations and a strategic redirection of the school towards a globalised digital society. School Vision, Mission were reviewed and a new shared vision and mission was established with a total new set of core values for the school. This year was the saddest due to the dangerous Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, which halted entire human life, killing millions accross the globe. Gn Atoll Education Centre was one of the very first responders to ensure the continuity of Education during the most difficult time. Online classes began from day one and the development of digital systems to manage the school boosted in 2021. 

  • Every child at Gn. Atoll Education Centre is...

      • LOVED
      • Every child in our school is loved. We always try to provide the best support for the students in a loving and caring environment. We promote Love, Care, and Respect for all human beings. We love all our students

      • We undestand that children come from different backgrounds. All families are not equal by all means. We ensure all students are respectfully served regardless of their social & economic backgrounds, mental & psychological differences.

      • VALUED
      • We value our children and what they have already achieved in life. Good behavior will always be valued and we will always try to inculcate good values in all students. Our core values are Integrity, Teamwork, Compassion, Innovation, and Quality.